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La Bella Romana Cucina

Ever since we started our business over 50 years ago, Romana Caputo (Angelo's wife) has been admired for her delicious, family-style cooking, which she served from what has become known as the La Bella Romana Cucina.

Today, much of the credit for the delicious take home foods we offer goes to Frank Chiaramonte, our Executive Chef. (Read more about Chef Frank here)

As you walk through our stores, you have Chef Frank to thank for that ever-so-pleasing aroma that keeps luring you back to the Cucina. Although we are best known for our extensive and ever growing selection of Italian specialties, Chef Frank has done a creditable job of assuring that we always appeal to the needs and tastes of all our customers, whose preferences include dishes from south of the border, Asia, and other parts of Europe.

Remember, our La Bella Romana Cucina is just as prepared to serve a simple, grab-and-go meal as feed a family of eight or cater a party of 1,800. Every day of the week we offer a wide selection of entrees, sides, soups and salads. When planning a larger event, simply call your local store -- or get in touch with Chef Frank at (630) 620-1063.

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